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What does it mean to "expose" students to historical studies?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

I am teaching a large lecture class (for the second time) this semester. This is supposed to be an "exposure" class for the history department. I thought really hard what it means to "expose" students to historical studies over the summer, and it reminded me of how I felt when I started doing history.

I am quite new to the discipline of history. I started my Ph.D. in political science and switched to history after two years, and that was my first post-high school education in history. I loved the sense of tangibly knowing something--what states did, how that turned out, how people lived, what they saw, and how they felt. But more exciting for me was the realization that a historical analysis can be a lot more provocative and creative than other disciplines, with the only rule being providing strong evidence and persuasion. I loved that rebelliousness.

I set the primary goal of this semester's teaching to make students get excited about history's creativity and rebelliousness. This is another semester of experiment.

And this is my son's favorite history book at the moment.

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