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The AAS Hawaii panel 2022

I always regret not flying to AAS conferences but this year was particularly painful. Thankfully, Dr. Sungyun Lim and I organized a wonderful online panel and that made up for the fun of hanging out with old friends. Well almost. I miss you all.

We want to thank the three great panelists. Moonchil's documentary film, Comfort, was also screened at the AAS. It is an awesome movie that tells the complexity of a woman's life. It is showing in theaters in South Korea, and is available to watch here. Highly recommended.

As you can see, Sungyun wanted to release the issue of comfort women from the repeated, simple question that denialists drag us into, especially about the evidence of "coercive recruitment." All the three presenters did that wonderfully and thought-provocatively in their own ways. Thank you!

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