• Sayaka

Received a book review!

Professor Emer O'Dwyer wrote a thoughtful review on my book in the Journal of Social History!

Humbly take her criticism that I provide speculations to fill the dearth of sources, which dents "the integrity" of my "otherwise careful attention to documentation." This begrudgingly happened because I felt it is important to examine the same questions and provide some answers, however provisional, among all the cases.

I thank Dr. O'Dwyer for taking the time to closely read my book and finding that my book "encourages us to think of the many other bridges that cross the [colonizer-colonized] divide and which may similarly help us engage with the 20th century’s big questions—relevant to both metropole and colony—of mass poli- tics, nationalism, capitalism, modernization, state-led mobilization, and tensions between nativist and modernist orientations, to name a key few."

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