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Most fruitful time

This is the end of the semester at NUS, and after a semester-long experimental journey of teaching a newly designed large lecture course, I am patting my shoulder and feeling content... until I start grading their research papers due next week.

At least to some students, I know this course made a big impact. Th

ey came to my consultation hours and discussed their progress in their research and papers. Although at the beginning they were lost, they grew so much that I am super confident that they'll do great in subsequent college years. More than a few students told me that they really enjoy doing research, digging up relevant scholarship and connecting dots. They find other assignments (readings and quizzes assigned each weak) rather boring and just do them because they have to. But research is such a wonderful journey of discovery. One student even said to me, "after yesterday's (last) lecture, my friends and I discussed whether we want to major in history"--- more than their decision to do so, I count it as a win the fact that they discussed it!

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