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A powerful supporter of the "nation-empire" concept

I have heard from multiple friends that my former advisor has mentioned my name and my argument in her speeches, and I was curious of that. Today I found it written in a Japanese academic journal. Knowing that she wouldn't do this unless she believes in it, it gives me a boost in confidence.

"It can be summed up by Sayaka Chatani’s term, nation-empire, which refers to the fact that Meiji Japan began to create an empire at the same time that it was still building a nation. To a greater degree than in other metropole-colony interactions, the Japanese government and intellectual elites were putting into practice the same institutions in Taiwan after 1895 and Korea after 1910 that they were only then establishing at home, institutions like the nationally and imperially imposed local youth associations, for example. At the turn of the twentiethcentury, Japan was thus engaged in constructing a nation-empire, with both nation and empire reflecting the available modernities of the nineteenth-century world."

"Modernity in Common: Japan and World History" / Carol, Gluck Mar-2017 ,東京外国語大学国際日本学研究報告 no.1 p.26-38

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